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In order to assist internationally educated nurses (IENs) with their integration into the Yukon health workforce, a Work Experience Policy was created to open up possibilities for IENs to learn about the practice of nursing in Yukon.

Before a placement is considered, the IEN needs to fulfill certain criteria:

  • Be an Internationally Educated Health Professional who has completed a degree/diploma in nursing in another country
  • Be a Yukon resident
  • Be a Permanent resident of Canada
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to achieving licensure in Canada. At a minimum, an IEN will need to have his/her qualification assessment completed and professional English language requirements fulfilled.  This may include other information such as a commitment to studying profession-specific bridging courses or other relevant programs.

The Work Experience Policy for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) outlines the purpose, benefits and requirements for applicants.

Other internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) who may be interested in work experience opportunities are welcome to contact the IEHP Coordinator.  As there are no formal work experience programs established, a placement may or may not be possible.  Any applicant would need to meet similar criteria to the ones in place for IENs prior to a placement.

As English is the predominant language spoken in Yukon, it is important for Francophones to be fluent in English. Therefore, the Work Experience Policy is only available in English.