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Which Health Professions Are Unregulated?


The professions listed on the right are not regulated in Yukon which means that you don't need to get a Yukon licence to work in your field.

However, employers or insurance providers may ask that you get licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction before you get hired in Yukon or are able to buy liability insurance.

If your profession is unregulated in Yukon and you would like to work in your own clinic/practice/business (i.e. be self-employed in your profession) please get legal advice before you start your practice to make sure that you know everything about the Canadian laws that apply to you. Contact information for Yukon lawyers is listed on the website of the Law Society of Yukon.

The links listed for each profession will provide you with more information about profession-specific information and requirements for licensure in Canada. Please be aware that, in Canada, there is a distinction between the regulatory authority and the professional association of a profession: the regulatory authority issues licences to practice a profession whereas the professional association promotes the interest of its members and in many cases provides continuing education opportunities. For more information about the difference between a regulator and a professional association go to Frequently Asked Questions.

If your profession is not listed here please visit the website of the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials and search for it by name to find more information.

There are 13 regulated professions in Yukon. Please check if yours is.