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Canadians who received their education in Canada often pursue a different career from what they originally studied or trained for. Many decide to change their job or career path more than once. This is based on the understanding that one’s skills, knowledge and experience can be applied to many different occupations. Pursuing a different career or changing careers is very common among Canadians.

This means that you, too, have many different options available to you. An education obtained in a specific health profession in your country of origin does not restrict you to only that choice here in Canada; especially, if your profession requires you to get a Canadian licence in order to work and you encounter insurmountable barriers to achieve licensure. Online tools are available that can help you pinpoint your strengths, interests and goals. Career counsellors are also ready to support you in finding a career path that is satisfying and meets your needs.

Here is a list of resources to get you started on finding a career in Yukon that is right for you: