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Steps in your job search - Find work


Here is a summary of what you should consider and the actions you should take when you are looking for a job:

1. Research Jobs
2. Find Work
3. Apply for a job
4. Job interview

Yukon Employers

The Yukon Department of Health & Social Services and the Yukon Hospital Corporation are the two main employers of healthcare professionals. Their websites list current job openings:

Other places to find job opportunities are:

There are, however, many more places to find job advertisements. Some jobs are advertised on community billboards. But, in fact, most jobs are not advertised.

Try these methods to find job opportunities:


Job fairs

Employers sometimes hold “job fairs.” Immigrants are invited to meet employers at these events.

‘Hidden’ job market

It is said that most Canadian employers do not advertise when they have job openings. That is why we refer to the “hidden” job market. To find opportunities you must “network.” That means doing things such as talking to people you know to find out who is hiring, contacting employers directly (find them using the 411 directory at http://411.ca/ - search for “Yukon employers”), attending job fairs and contacting groups involved in your field of work.


Networking means making social contacts. This way you can hear about unadvertised jobs, and employers can hear about you. Here are some methods:

  • Get to know people in your neighbourhood and in your industry or profession. Talk to employment and professional counsellors, employers and colleagues.
  • By talking to people you will also come to understand your field and what employers look for when hiring new employees.
  • Find a volunteer opportunity at http://volunteeryukon.ca/
  • Join professional associations. Subscribe to their newsletters. Attend professional events and meetings.
  • Attend public meetings and community events.
  • Give and collect business cards.

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