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Steps in your job search - Apply for a job


Here is a summary of what you should consider and the actions you should take when you are looking for a job:

1. Research Jobs
2. Find Work
3. Apply for a job
4. Job interview

To get a job you must convince employers that it would be to their advantage to hire you. You will need to explain how you are qualified for the job by writing a résumé that explains your education and work experience, or by filling in an application form the employer provides. When you respond to a job advertisement follow the instructions in the ad.

Before you write a résumé you need to know the kind of information Canadian employers are looking for. Résumés here are often different than in other countries. You need to include a “cover letter.” It introduces you and indicates the position for which you’re applying.

Find résumé writing tips and samples of "Canadian style" résumés and cover letters on websites such as http://resume.monster.ca/ and the Job Bank.

Canadian employers expect to see references before they make a job offer. This usually means people you have worked for in the past who can speak for you. If you have no Canadian work experience this can be difficult. This is why it is important to network – get to know people – so that an employer has someone to phone and ask about your experience and character.

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